buy cbd hemp oil

Our  cbd hemp oil is extracted certified industrial hemp that is cultivated to the highest standards.


C02 Extraction is widely considered the safest and most effective method to yield high quality CBD from hemp plants. Because C02 is a gas at room temperature, 100% of the solvent evaporates, leaving behind pure CBD with no residual chemicals or pesticides


Broad Spectrum Oil (BSO) contains a “broad spectrum” of cannabinoids, meaning many cannabinoids in addition to CBD, but excluding THC. This boosts the therapeutic effect compared to CBD by itself. Broad spectrum oil (BSO) is a key ingredient in the Green Roads product line.


Our raw product and finished products are lab tested by an independent 3rd party to ensure quality and purity before being distributed.

How many times have you stumbled upon companies offering you a miraculous solution for all your problems — and a ridiculously high concentration of CBD?

Did they get back to you when you asked for a certificate of lab analysis?

As a conscious customer, you’re probably aware of the importance of 3rd-party lab testing in maintaining high-quality standards of CBD manufacturing practices. That’s the only way to prove the actual content of a CBD product and lay solid ground for the bold claims.

Our manufacturing procedures are verified and approved by independent laboratories that test for the concentration of CBD in our hemp extract, as well as for the entire cannabinoid and terpene profile.

We also make sure that none of the hemp we use to extract the cannabinoids was exposed to harmful chemicals that could compromise its quality.


Our finished products are shipped to certified Green Roads sellers and e-commerce customers nationwide.

buy cbd hemp oil

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cbd hemp oil

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